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mercredi 31 octobre 2018
publié par Marc Lacreuse





Bonjour à tous,

The Freedom Theatre se produira en France du 10 au 18 novembre 2018 avec une nouvelle production intitulée Retour en Palestine

Ne manquez pas ce rendez-vous !


10 Novembre – Performance à La Fonderie au Mans

11 Novembre – Performance à Le Tiroir à Laval

12 Novembre – Performance à la Salle Jean Carmet à Allonnes

13 Novembre – Performance au Centre Culturel à Saint-Pierre-des-Corps

15 Novembre – Performance à la Maison des jeunes à Villebon

16 Novembre – Performance au Cultural Center Algerien à Paris

17 Novembre – Performance au Le Hangar à Châlette sur Loing

18 Novembre – Performance à l’Espace Capellia à La Chapelle sur Erdre

L’équipe de Diwan Voyage vous informera prochainement du calendrier des voyages en Palestine pour printemps 2019

News and updates from The Freedom Theatre, a theatre and cultural centre in Jenin refugee camp, occupied Palestine. ’Return to Palestine’ tours once more !

In a comic and tragic way, Return to Palestine tells the story of American born Palestinian Jad who returns to his homeland. Here, he discovers Palestine is different from what is told on the news. The physical performance takes place at just a small part of the stage, which symbolises the restricted space of the Palestinian people. The play is based on true stories of life in Palestine, gathered through playback theatre during The Freedom Theatre’s Freedom Bus ride. It was originally produced in 2016, directed by Micaela Miranda.

Return to Palestine will embark on a string of performances in Sweden, France and Luxembourg which starts next week along with post show discussions and Q&A’s with the cast and crew. The team will touch down in Stockholm this coming Sunday before the first performance on Tuesday 30th October in Malmo. Below you can find a full schedule of the upcoming tour - to book tickets, please contact the venues directly or send an email to :


30-31 October – Performances at Panora/Folkets Bio in Malmo

2 November – Performance at Oktoberteatern, Södertälje near Stockholm

3-4 November – Performances at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern near Stockholm

6-7 November – Performances at Angereds Teater in Gothenberg


10 November – Performance at La Fonderie in Le Mans

11 November – Performance at Le Tiroir in Laval

12 November – Performance at Salle Jean Carmet in Allonnes

13 November – Performance at Centre Culturel in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps

15 November – Performance at Maison des jeunes in Villebon

16 November – Performance at Cultural Center Algerien in Paris

17 November – Performance at Le Hangar in Châlette sur Loing

18 November – Performance at Espace Capellia in La Chapelle sur Erdre


19 November – Performance at Lycée des Garçons, Luxembourg


For media enquiries and interviews, please contact :

- Sweden : Ann Mari Engel, +46 70 72 77 420

- France : Sonia Fayman, + 33 6 62 84 19 48, + 33 6 82 96 95 28

- Luxembourg : Nathalie Oberweiss, +352 691 819 306


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